Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Screamadelica at Brighton Centre 22 March 2011 - Video Report

Primal Scream announced the tour last year and my initial feelings were excitement and interest, closely followed by memories of the last time I saw them play and the realisation that was 20 years ago!! 

On the original Screamadelica tour 1991 I saw them at Reading Uni. Thankfully Weatherall & Dr. Alex Patterson saved me from the disappointing shambles of a live band Primal Scream turned out to be that night. Everybody was out of it then, but Bobby & Co were way too out of it, delivering a lack lustre set of seemingly unrehearsed versions of tracks from the album. 

However times have changed, albums have been made, drugs have changed, everything has changed, when I looke at my lifestyle now compared to then, I am quite a different person with responsibilities and a professional attitude towards my music and performance, so will this be the way of things with the band? I hoped that some of the publicised benders and blow outs we had all read about may have led to some private rehabilitation or lifestyle changes, giving the band a tight live performance, why take this album out on tour if it's not gonna be great? Encouraged by the reports from the Olympia dates and the shots I had seen of the visuals online I decided to buy a ticket and go for it.

I am glad to report that I was far from disappointed last night. On arrival I bumped into Andrew Weatherall and had a quick chat, regarding the show and he confirmed the band were really tight, and that 'he's never seen as much fresh fruit backstage at a rock n roll concert' Andrew played a nice dubby set with some balearic builders and 9 o'clock drop kind of tracks for the first hour before the band came on stage. Great sound system and plenty of bass. Our appetites were nicely whetted.

The band came out pretty much on the dot and what followed was awesome, not only were the band spot on and really sounding great, the visuals that accompanied their performance were excellent. Take a look at some of the excerpts below:

Step inside this house
Don't Fight It, Feel It

Higher than the Sun
Come Together

I deliberately left Loaded out of the piece, it was excellent and I want you to hear it, go and see them play, there are tickets left on this tour and they play Bestival in September too. I was really impressed and we all had a cracking night. It won't be something that happens again in the near future so why not treat yourself, go mad and grab yourself a T-Shirt - we all did!

Andrew Weatherall is cooking up a treat for us with a special Disco Deviant set to celebrate our 2nd Birthday on Friday April 15th at Audio, really looking forward to that!

It would be a very good idea to bag a ticket soon as signs are we're looking at another roadblock. I'm guessing it will sell out in advance again. Links Facebook Event  - RA Tickets

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Ben Monk said...

Nice One Paul. Cracking night all round. Now I can't wait to do it again at Glastonbury and Bestival!