Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ryan Lubarda drops us his first mix from Igrokaz - Montenegro

    Melanchlorines by Ryan Lubarda
Got to give some props to our man in Montenegro Mr.Ryan Lubarda. He's been doing his bit to push the sound he's into into a club space there and has succeeded in attracting a crowd who seem to dig the vibe too.  We have been speaking online over the past  2 years, mainly regarding music and his frustration at the lack of choice and inspiration in going out over there. It's a toss up between MTV bars or some dark minimal nights with no soul. He has managed to develop a collection and sound over the past couple of years and has now established himself as the twice monthly resident at Soul2Soul playing his sound, all night.

Never too-Pitched-up and always Sleazy, his selection varies from Marvin to Missy with some RnB connotations and lashings of  Disco Deviance nutrients. Twice a month people are gathering in a small club called Soul2Soul, for 3 hours of his deep-Disko / soul treatment at his night Igrokaz  .

Got to say it's a great mix, with lots of cuts I love. Give it a go it's spot on.

Here's a few words from Ryan regarding his first mix:

So.. I have just finished my first DJ mix. Tonight I will listen to it, again. And it's a big deal to Me. Believe me, I've been looking for my cup of tea, long enough. At last, I made my own. And it tastes just RIGHT.
Wanted to thank Mr. Greg Wilson, who influenced me, massively. With his eclectic style, He showed me that it's just one-way road with Music, and you never know what's behind the corner. For that I am grateful.
Big thanx to Cosmic Boogie and BlackLodge, for their support - You guys are truly amazing.
Disco Deviant Crew, Tensnake, I-F, Leftside Wobble, Friction, Mike Pickering, DrrtyHaze, Instruments of Rapture People, funkyJunkie, Henry Greenwood, JamieBull, Ilija Rudman, Chris Jylkke, Mr. Black, Rayko, Drop Out Orchestra, Tiger & Woods, Vlado Markovic and whole BAJ Crew, Griffin James, Kompleksi, Revenge, DJ Brka, MrGoju, Space Ranger, Dikso Crew, noRequest, InnerWestSoul, Hot Toddy, Danimal S, Petkovski, Andrew Clarke, Matt Anniss, Rotciv, Toomy D, Gazeebo, TouchSoul, Vujoshiva The Regulator - Respect to all of You!
And finally, shout out to all my People involved in Igrokaz series. I really appreciate You tolerating my Saturdays.
In this mix I blended tracks that banged my mind and my soul, for quite some time. It sounds same in every language and I really hope it takes you places I "visited".
Thanx for listening.

Glad to see things working for you Ryan, keep on keeping on!

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