Thursday, 15 March 2012

DD News March 2012

Well it's been a little while since the last newsletter, Spring is here and WOW! we have some news for you.

We've been busy plotting and planning some parties and line ups and I must admit I'm impressed. So I've listed everything nice and neatly at the bottom of the post for you. I'm not gonna go on about it all for too long but DJ Garth and Adam Freeland playing together cosmic, deep and disco all night long. Rare that DJ Garth is in the UK so we've nabbed him for the night of Friday May 4th and we're taking it to The Loft. Tickets will be in the shops soon - Rounder & Resident

A Love from Outer Space visits for a Brighton edition on Friday April 20th. The Chairman will be in charge along with Brother Johnston and Pablo Contraband . The ALFOS tour has been going great guns with mad reviews and Mr Weatherall is currently putting an compilation album & mix together for Ministry of Sound's 'Masters' series which will showcase the ALFOS sound in full effect. Tickets are going well all the early birds went pretty quick GRAB yours from R$N or from Rounder/Resident I expect this will be a busy one.

Weatherall has just opened a SOUNDCLOUD by the way

OK so also in the offing are the Summer Secret Rooftop parties with special guests booked including the brilliant Kid Who in May and Ethyl in June. Guest list only for these and the location is kept under wraps til the last moment. Friends and their friends only no messing.

Make sure you email your names across soon as possible as space is limited in May (150 capacity only) and we'll make sure you are on the list for entry:

There's more I could go on about including Huxley and how good I think he is and the quality of the tracks that are included in my recent mix, however I'm not gonna bother. Here's a link to the mix

Have a great day and if you want to join us for a bit of fun on Friday night (16th March) we're celebrating Kate Wildblood & Neil Duffie's birthdays Above Audio with my Dutch friend Douwe jumping on the Amsterdam easyjet to come and play for us. Cocktails are £5 a pop and they are probably up there as the finest in Brighton.

See you soon


Disco Deviant  - Pablo Contraband gigs:

THIS FRIDAY March 16th Pablo Contraband & Douwe (NL)- Above Audio 'Wildblood Duffie B'day hi-jinx'

Disco Deviant presents A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnson. Fri 20th April @ Audio. TICKETS

FRI May 4th DJ Garth & Adam Freeland , Pablo Contraband @ The Loft, Brighton

BANK HOLIDAY SUN May 6th Secret Rooftop part 1 with KID WHO & Contraband DJs - £3 by guest list only

SAT May 19th Huxley & Contraband DJ's @ Audio

BANK HOLIDAY SUN June 3rd Secret Rooftop part 2 with Ethyl & Contraband DJs - £5 by guest list only

New release from  BLACK KEY: Andy Ash - Broken Nights now available for download

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