Monday, 12 March 2012

New Pablo Contraband Mix - March 2012

  Pablo Contraband - March 2012 - Mix by Pablo Contraband

A selection of tracks freshly garnered from the most glistening pit of musical gemstones. Featuring tracks and remixes from Cosmo, Gazeebo, Rodion & Khan, Kid Who, Weatherall, Clock Opera, Toky, Chamboche and many more.


Fever - Hotbox (Community Recordings)
Bursting Through - Kalidasa (World Unknown)
In Order to Trance (Hrdvision mix) - Jokers of the Scene
Telefloros Journey - Avanti (Community Recordings)
Lets Motor - Rodion & Khan
It's Time (Jozif mix) - Subb-an & Adam Shelton
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Ochre (Tiago mix) - Kid Who
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Once & For All (Weatherall mix) - Clock Opera
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Beaches (Cosmodelica mix) - Pacific Horizons
About You - Toky
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Acid People - Alex Arnaud (Fear of Flying)
Mello (BLM remix) - Chamboche (forthcoming Black Key records)
Deja Vu (Musaria mix) - Larry heard (Innervisions) Thanks to The Unity Agency

Forthcoming gigs:

Forthcoming gigs: Fri 16th March - w/ Douwe (Innspace) @ Above Audio, Brighton
Sat 7th April - Rocksteady vs Disco Deviant - Pure, Jersey
Fri 20th April Disco Deviant presents A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston @ Audio. Early Birds @ £6.50 now on sale via R$N
Sat 21st April - Disco Deviant at Boondoggle, Electric Social, Brixton
Fri 4th May - Disco Deviant with DJ Garth, Adam Freeland & Pablo Contraband @ The Loft, Brighton
Sun May 6th Bank Holiday / Sunday Secret Rooftop / Brighton
Sat May 19th w/ Huxley @ Audio, Brighton
Sun June 3rd Bank Holiday / Sunday Secret Rooftop / Brighton

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